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Incredibox: The Music App that Lets You Pump it Up and Chill on Android

How to Download Incredibox Android and Create Your Own Music

Do you love music? Do you want to create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers? If yes, then you should download incredibox android, a fun and interactive music app that lets you do just that. In this article , we will show you what incredibox is and why you should download it, how to download incredibox android from different sources, and how to use incredibox android to create your own music. By the end of this article, you will be ready to unleash your musical creativity and have fun with incredibox android.

What is Incredibox and Why You Should Download It

Incredibox is a music app that allows you to create your own music with the help of a band of beatboxers. You can choose from different musical styles and atmospheres, drag and drop icons onto the avatars to make them sing, and mix and match sounds and effects to create your own unique mix. You can also unlock animated choruses and bonus effects, record your mix, save it as an MP3 file or a link, and share it with others. Incredibox is not only fun and easy to use, but also educational and inspiring. You can learn about music theory, rhythm, harmony, and genres, as well as express your creativity and emotions through music. You can also join the incredibox community and discover other people's mixes, vote for your favorites, and get inspired by their musical ideas.

download incredibox android

A Brief History of Incredibox and Its Features

Incredibox was created in 2009 by a French company called So Far So Good, which consists of three friends who share a passion for music, design, and technology. They wanted to create a simple and intuitive tool that anyone could use to make music without any prior knowledge or skills. They came up with the idea of using human beatboxing as the basis of their app, as it is a universal and expressive form of music that anyone can relate to. They also added colorful graphics, animations, and humor to make the app more appealing and engaging.

Since its launch, incredibox has grown in popularity and acclaim, reaching over 60 million users worldwide and winning several awards such as the Webby Awards, the FWA Awards, and the CSS Design Awards. Incredibox has also evolved in terms of its features and content, adding new musical styles and atmospheres over the years. As of now, there are eight versions of incredibox available, each with its own theme, mood, and sound palette. They are:

  • V1 Alpha: The original version of incredibox, featuring hip-hop beats and urban vibes.

  • V2 Little Miss: A funky version of incredibox, featuring disco grooves and retro sounds.

  • V3 Sunrise: A chill version of incredibox, featuring lounge music and relaxing tunes.

  • V4 The Love: A romantic version of incredibox, featuring soulful melodies and smooth vocals.

  • V5 Brazil: A tropical version of incredibox, featuring samba rhythms and carnival vibes.

  • V6 Alive: A rock version of incredibox, featuring electric guitars and energetic drums.

  • V7 Jeevan: A world version of incredibox, featuring ethnic instruments and exotic sounds.

  • V8 Dystopia: A futuristic version of incredibox, featuring electronic beats and sci-fi effects.

In addition to these versions, incredibox also has some exclusive features that are only available in the app version of the game. These include:

  • Dark mode: A feature that allows you to switch the background color from white to black, giving a different look and feel to the app.

  • Parental control: A feature that allows you to disable some sounds or effects that may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

  • MP3 file: A feature that allows you to save your mix as an MP3 file on your device, instead of just a link.

  • Mixlist: A feature that allows you to access your saved mixes on your device, instead of just on the website.

The Benefits of Using Incredibox to Make Music

There are many benefits of using incredibox to make music, whether you are a beginner or a pro, a student or a teacher, a hobbyist or a professional. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with incredibox:

  • Express your creativity and have fun: Incredibox allows you to create your own music with ease and fun, without any limitations or rules. You can experiment with different sounds and effects, explore different musical genres and styles, and express your personality and mood through music. You can also have fun with the animations, the humor, and the surprises that incredibox offers.

  • Learn music and improve your skills: Incredibox can also help you learn music and improve your skills, whether you are a beginner or a pro. You can learn about music theory, rhythm, harmony, and genres, as well as develop your musical ear, your sense of timing, and your creativity. You can also challenge yourself with the different levels of difficulty and complexity that incredibox offers.

  • Share your music and join the community: Incredibox can also help you share your music and join the community of other incredibox users. You can save your mix as an MP3 file or a link, and share it with others via email, social media, or QR code. You can also access the incredibox website and discover other people's mixes, vote for your favorites, and get inspired by their musical ideas. You can also participate in contests and events that incredibox organizes regularly.

How to Download Incredibox Android from Different Sources

If you are convinced by the benefits of incredibox and want to download it on your android device, you have several options to choose from. You can download incredibox android from the official website of incredibox, from the app store platforms such as Google Play Store, Amazon, or Steam, or from alternative sources such as third-party websites or APK files. However, each option has its pros and cons, and you need to be careful and informed before you decide which one to use. In this section, we will explain how to download incredibox android from different sources, and compare them based on criteria such as price, quality, safety, and convenience.

The Official Website of Incredibox and Its App Store Links

The official website of incredibox is , where you can find all the information about the app, its features, its versions, its awards, its creators, and its community. You can also play incredibox online for free on the website, but you will need an internet connection and a browser that supports Flash Player. If you want to download incredibox android on your device, you can use the app store links that are provided on the website. These include:

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Google Play Store: This is the most popular and convenient option for downloading incredibox android on your device. You can access the Google Play Store link from the website or directly from your device's app store. The app costs $4.99 on the Google Play Store, and it


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