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Cinesamples.CinePerc.CORE.v.1.1.KONTAKT-45 ##BEST##

CAUTION: If you decide to use CinePerc in your work, please be aware that it supports FL Studio (2010 and 2014), Soundtrack Pro, and Steinberg's Cubase, and may conflict with other DAW plugins that you are already using.


1 Now that you know how to use the library, I would suggest checking out the tech specs from the CinePerc website. Below are the data files and the Tech specs for your reference.

You will be prompted to authorize the application installation to proceed. The application allows for installation on Windows and Mac (without needing an installer), and automatic insertion of a library folder into your Kontakt library. The GUI can be controlled through a controller (which will show up in the inspector as \"Controller 2\") or through a keyboard control. In addition, Kontakt Editor (included with Kontakt 2) allows for the automation of the library selection process and the library can be placed into folders to set it's default. This will save time with the automation of libraries.

The GUI allows for easy controller re-mapping for several parameters, and the editor allows for automation of the library selection process. The library can be placed into folders to set it's default. Kontakt Editor (included with Kontakt 2) can be used to automate the selection of the library and its placement into folders to set it's default.

For the math whizzes, the CINE sample is a distorted sine wave that replicates the sound of a violin over a low-pitched range of frequencies. As a result, it will sound thinner and less 'vibrating' than a CineWind (natural harmonics), but with similar \"blend\" qualities. The string section library includes a combination of bowed (natural and Artificial harmonics) and plucked (natural harmonics) sounds from each string section. Though the CinePerc is most similar to the CineString in tone quality and articulation, the CinePerc string section sounds much richer due to the more varied accompaniments used. You can hear a difference compared to the CineString library as soon as you open it up, as the violin is noticeably more mellow with more natural harmonics.


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