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GTA 3 APK+OBB: The Ultimate Guide to Download and Install the Game on Android

GTA 3 Download APK Award: How to Play the Classic Crime Game on Your Android Device

If you are a fan of action-adventure games, you probably have heard of Grand Theft Auto III, or GTA 3 for short. It is one of the most influential and popular games in the open world genre, where you can roam freely in a large city, interact with various characters, complete missions, or just cause chaos. Released in 2001 for PlayStation 2, Windows, and Xbox, GTA 3 has been praised for its groundbreaking gameplay, graphics, sound, story, and atmosphere. It has also been ported to several other platforms, including Android devices.

gta 3 download apk award

But how can you play GTA 3 on your Android device? You may think that you need to buy it from the Google Play Store or another official source. However, there is another way to get it for free. You can download GTA 3 APK Award, which is a modified version of the game that comes with an OBB file that contains all the data you need to run it. In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and play GTA 3 APK Award on your Android device. We will also tell you about the features, requirements, reviews, and FAQs of this amazing game.

How to Download GTA 3 APK and OBB Files from a Reliable Source?

The first step to play GTA 3 on your Android device is to download the APK and OBB files from a reliable source. There are many websites that claim to offer these files, but not all of them are trustworthy. Some may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Others may provide fake or corrupted files that won't work properly or at all.

To avoid these risks, we recommend you to download GTA 3 APK Award from , which is a reputable website that provides safe and working files for various games. You can also scan the files with an antivirus program before installing them to ensure their safety and quality. Here are the steps to download GTA 3 APK Award from : - Go to the website and search for GTA 3 APK Award in the search bar. - Click on the download button and wait for the download to start. - You will get two files: GTA 3 APK and GTA 3 OBB. Save them in a folder on your device or on an external storage device. How to Install GTA 3 APK and OBB Files on Your Android Device?

After downloading the APK and OBB files, you need to install them on your Android device. This is a simple process, but you need to follow some steps carefully. Here are the steps to install GTA 3 APK Award on your Android device: - Go to the settings of your device and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. This will allow you to install the APK file that is not from the Google Play Store or another official source. - Locate the GTA 3 APK file that you downloaded and tap on it to start the installation. Follow the instructions on the screen and accept the permissions that the app requests. - Do not launch the app yet. You need to copy the GTA 3 OBB file to the right location first. - Locate the GTA 3 OBB file that you downloaded and extract it using a file manager app or a zip extractor app. You will get a folder named com.rockstargames.gta3. - Copy this folder and paste it in the Android/OBB folder on your device's internal storage or external storage device. If you don't have an OBB folder, create one first. - Now you can launch the GTA 3 app from your app drawer or home screen and enjoy the game. How to Launch and Play GTA 3 on Your Android Device?

Once you have installed the GTA 3 APK and OBB files, you are ready to launch and play the game on your Android device. Here are some tips and instructions to help you get started: - When you launch the game, you will see a loading screen with the Rockstar Games logo and some tips. Wait for the game to load completely. - You will then see a menu screen with several options, such as Start Game, Load Game, Options, Stats, and Credits. You can tap on any of these options to access them. - If you want to start a new game, tap on Start Game and choose a difficulty level: Easy, Medium, or Hard. You can also choose a language for the subtitles: English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. - You will then see a cutscene that introduces you to the story and characters of GTA 3. You play as Claude, a silent protagonist who is betrayed by his girlfriend Catalina during a bank robbery and left for dead by her and her new partner Miguel. You are arrested by the police but manage to escape when your prison transport is ambushed by a Colombian gang. You then meet 8-Ball, a bomb expert who helps you get started in Liberty City, a fictional version of New York City. - After the cutscene, you will be in control of Claude. You can use the virtual buttons on the screen to move, look around, enter vehicles, shoot, punch, jump, run, crouch, change weapons, pause the game, and access the map. You can also customize these buttons in the Options menu. - You can follow the yellow marker on the map to go to your next mission or objective. You can also explore the city at your own pace and do whatever you want. You can drive cars, bikes, boats, helicopters, or planes; interact with pedestrians, cops, gangsters, or prostitutes; rob stores, banks, or people; cause mayhem with weapons, explosives, or vehicles; listen to radio stations; collect hidden packages; complete side missions; and more. - The game has three islands: Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale. You can access them by bridges or tunnels, but some of them may be blocked by police barricades until you progress in the story. The game also has different weather conditions and time cycles that affect the gameplay and atmosphere. - The game has a save system that allows you to save your progress at any time by going to a safe house marked by a green house icon on the map. You can also load your previous save by going to Load Game in the menu screen. - The game has a stats system that tracks various aspects of your gameplay, such as missions completed, money earned, crimes committed, vehicles driven, weapons used, etc. You can view your stats by going to Stats in the menu screen. You can also compare your stats with other players online by going to the Rockstar Games Social Club website. GTA 3 Game Features: What Makes It So Fun and Immersive?

GTA 3 is not just a game, it is an experience. It has many features that make it fun and immersive for players of all ages and preferences. Here are some of the main features of GTA 3 that you can enjoy on your Android device: - The story and characters of GTA 3: The game has a captivating and engaging story that takes you through various missions and events in Liberty City. You will meet and work with different characters, such as 8-Ball, Luigi, Joey, Toni, Salvatore, Maria, Asuka, Ray, Donald, Catalina, and more. Each character has their own personality, voice, appearance, and agenda. You will also encounter various enemies and rivals, such as the Colombian Cartel, the Triads, the Mafia, the Yakuza, the Diablos, the Leones, the Forellis, the Sindaccos, and more. You will have to deal with betrayal, revenge, loyalty, love, and violence as you progress in the game. - The gameplay and mechanics of GTA 3: The game has a sandbox-style gameplay that allows you to do whatever you want in the city. You can follow the main story missions or explore the city at your own pace. You can also do side missions, such as taxi driving, vigilante, ambulance, fire truck, rampage, import/export, etc. You can also collect hidden packages, rampages, stunt jumps, and other secrets. You can also interact with various elements in the city, such as pedestrians, vehicles, weapons, objects, etc. You can also customize your character's appearance by changing clothes or getting tattoos or haircuts. You can also use cheats or mods to enhance or alter your gameplay experience. - The graphics and sound of GTA 3: The game has stunning graphics that showcase the beauty and detail of Liberty City. You can see the skyscrapers, bridges, parks, streets, shops, landmarks, and more in high resolution and quality. You can also see the effects of weather and time on the city's appearance and atmosphere. The game also has realistic sound effects that immerse you in the city's environment. You can hear the sounds of cars, guns, explosions, sirens, people, animals, etc. You can also listen to various radio stations that play different genres of music and commentary. You can also hear the voice acting of the characters that bring them to life. GTA 3 Game Requirements: What Do You Need to Run It Smoothly on Your Android Device?

GTA 3 is a demanding game that requires a powerful device to run it smoothly on your Android device. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements for GTA 3 on Android devices: - Minimum requirements: Android 4.0 or higher; 1 GB of RAM; 1 GB of free storage space; dual-core processor; Adreno 200 or higher GPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 support. - Recommended requirements: Android 7.0 or higher; 2 GB of RAM; 2 GB of free storage space; quad-core processor; Adreno 300 or higher GPU; OpenGL ES 3.0 support. If your device meets these requirements, you should be able to play GTA 3 without any major issues. However, you may still encounter some problems or glitches, such as lag, crashes, bugs, or compatibility issues. To avoid or fix these problems, here are some tips and tricks to optimize the performance and compatibility of GTA 3 on Android devices: - Update your device's software and drivers to the latest version. - Close any background apps or processes that may consume your device's resources or interfere with the game. - Adjust the game's settings to suit your device's capabilities. You can change the resolution, frame rate, draw distance, visual effects, audio quality, etc. in the Options menu. - Clear the game's cache and data regularly to fre


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